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Eye-brow Transplantation

Brow Spillage
The reason for this is that is not possible to find out exactly why the eye-brow spillage can be seen for different reasons in every human being. However, in the analyzes made, mistakes in eyebrow made or made to shape eyebrows come to the forefront. In particular, eyebrow pluck made by people who are not experienced in this regard are caused by the problem that we call eyebrows, causing eyebrows to be damaged. Apart from that, there are also problems depending on the diseases. Goitre, Chronic diseases are among these diseases, scientific research has emerged.

What is Eye-brow Transplantation
Eyebrows are intended for those who want to design eyebrows for different needs and causes, using the Fue method, to transfer the hair roots anywhere in the body to the eyebrow area where they are needed.

Can Eye-brow Transplantation For Who?
Those who want to access the natural brow image without using cosmetic products can make eyebrows transplantation if they are genetically rarely browned, have linear and regional irregularities in their eyebrows.

How to Eye-brow Transplantation
In the hospital environment, operation is performed under operating room conditions. Using the FUE technique, the roots taken are separated one by one and sowing is done according to the angle of each hair root to the area of ​​eyebrow shedding. With local anesthesia, eyebrow suture is easily done and the process duration is maximum 1-2 hours. The hair in the nape region is lifted up and a horizontal line of 1 cm width 5-10 cm in length is shaved according to the number of roots to be added and hair roots are taken using very fine punches with the help of micro motor. Since the area of ​​hair roots is very small, there are no symptoms in this area. Grafts between 40-50 roots and 400-500 roots can be taken according to the need in the brow zone of the quiche. The sowing process is very different in the eyebrow area. Because the brow pattern is very different from each other. As the eyebrows nearer to the burn face closer to the ears at a more right angle, they begin to rise at an angle of 40-45 degrees. This practical effect emerges during planting. The angle of the added hair roots should be carefully prepared. Because eyebrows are one of the most noticeable regions. In the slightest neglect, the results can be very disturbing to the patients. Hair can be taken from different parts of the body for brows. But the region we prefer most is the neck. It can also be taken from the thin sleeves of the hand or from the genital area through the armpit, but our experience has been to get the best results from the nape of the neck.

What should be taken care of after the eye-brow transplantation?
1) Eyebrow area should be protected for two days before eyebrow operation, and any movement that may cause irritation and damage should be avoided.
2) It is natural to see redness for 3-4 days after eyebrow suture operation, this redness shifts to scaling after 1 week and then to pinking after 1 week.
3) There is no pain or discomfort after the procedure. It takes about 4-6 months for the eyebrows to collect themselves and get their true shape. After 2 months, our patients can get eyebrows.
4) Do not forget to apply creams to prevent scaling after eyebrow transplantation.
5) Prolonged eyebrows (hair follicles) obtained from a different area (hair follicles) are used for eyebrow suturing, so the prolongation of eyebrows is extremely natural. For this reason, periodic eyebrows should be shortened. After an average of 8-12 months, the hair growth will be adapted to the new regions and the lengthening of the eyebrows will decrease.