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How is the relationship between age and face?
Together with getting older, the skin becomes wrinkles; subcutaneous fat tissue loses its tension and sagging due to gravity; at the same time the muscle tone is reduced and the sagging becomes deeper.

What does change with getting older?
The aging of skin; forehead lines become clear, eyebrows fall, wrinkles in and around cuffs, falling down on the mouth edges, deep lines in the mouth – nose region. Cheeky sagging, jaw contours disappeared, the neck lubricated and wrinkled.

What is the treatment?
The best and lasting treatment for the aging of the sking is the surging of the tissues that are hanging surgically and the removal of excess skin.

Is surgical treatment necessary?
Although close results can be obtained with the operations performed in our other clinic, the results are not as persistent as surgery.

What are the risks of the surgeon?
There is little risk for anesthesia to be taken. There is a possibility that there may be a trace even if the incisions are made from invisible places.

Do you have facelift variants?
Depending on the affected area, there are operations such as forehead stretching, eyebrow lifting, middle face stretching, lower face stretching and neck stretching.

Are the surgical techniques different?
The surgical method applied to each area is different.

Can they all be done at the same time?
All can be done in the same session.

What is done before surgery?
Firstly, the areas complained by the patient are listened, the problems of the patient whose photos are taken are evaluated together, and the operations to be performed and the possible results are shared with the patient.

How is the post-operative process?
After surgery performed under general anesthesia, the patient is admitted to hospital for 1-2 days and the treatment is regulated. Then the first week may seen swelling and partial bruises on the face, temporary numbness. After 1 week-ten days, the sutures are removed, after one week the swelling may be over and the patient may return to work, make-up. It is recommended that the patient should avoid 2 months of heavy exercise and excessive sunlight and protect from external impacts. The new shape given to the face and neck depends on the nature of the person and the environment, sometimes 5-10 years, sometimes life-long.

In which patients is the best result taken?
Smoking is the most important factor affecting the result of this surgery. That’s why smoking cessation 4-8 weeks prior to surgery greatly accelerates the healing process. In patients with diabetes, the healing process is also long.

What are the possible problems?
Unwanted traces, bleeding, infection, bad wound healing, facial nerve damage, skin asymmetry, numbness. (specialists can apply for our non-surgical solutions for patients who are not able to see these risks).

Surgical External Facial Renovation – Aesthetic Initiatives;
– Oil injection: for lip, cheek and face contours
– injection of synthetic fillings: for wrinkles, lips and minor irregularities
-Soating procedures (Peeling-Chemical peeling -Mechanical peeling = dermabrasion
-Laser peeling (Lazerbrazyon)
-Botox: For skin wrinkles
-Ozone therapy
– Cosmetic product applications
– Applications with skin cream, peeling, skin regeneration and activating.