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Fat Transfer Surgery

It can be used anywhere in the body (face, hand, legs, buttocks, breast) in the form of correction and volume in the body after the fat tissue taken from the excess body parts (belly, waist, inside leg) It provides a natural look and is long lasting.

When will fat transfer to which areas?
– If there is slight sagging and deformity in the face,
-We want a full occupancy (cheek area),
-If you want to correct your contours in your body,
– If there are scarring due to over-the-counter surgery or damage,
-If you want a new vitality in the hands and skin,
– If you want a little more fullness on yours.

What are the advantages?
– It is natural for the patient’s own tissue is taken from.
– The risk is very low.
– Long life.
-More suitable volume can be made with reasonable price

What are the disadvantages?
– To be done under the conditions of the hospital,
-It may require a few sessions,
-It is disadvantageous to require time for fat processing.

What is surface fat injection?
Fat is injected from the navel, the legs in the face collapses, nasolabial lines, lines on the rim, forehead lines, thin lips and cheek area collapses. Acne scars are filled with fat in the cheek area.
Breast contour editing: to improve the breast size, to correct the contours, if the skin has a good tone and good shape, you are a good candidate to fill with fat transfer. If the skin and the breast are sagging and are asked to be enlarged in a serious manner, then fat injection is appropriate. Fat filling is ideal for collapses after small masses taken from breast tissue.

Lifting the hip with fat;
Partial hip enlargement is performed. It is possible to make the wrinkles formed smooth with the fat texture.
* Please consult our doctors for more information