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Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied to the middle layer of the skin to reduce hair loss and to feed the hair of the hair. It is preferred as supportive treatment in hair loss and after hair transplant operation. Intervention in the early period gives more effective results.

They apply mesotherapy method to have healthier and brighter hair without the problem of spilling in their hair.

Hair mesotherapy is applied as follows:
– Very fine-tipped needles and hair under the hair of the nutritious vitamins, antioxidants and the skin of the person’s specially prepared mixture is injected.
-Injections are made in small doses, since the mixture is composed entirely of hair root nutritive substances, there is no side effect.
-Mezotherapy application of the person’s current hair becomes more healthy, after the end of the sessions hair loss is also stopped. This method is widely used both in women and men.
Mesotherapy is a treatment method that reduces the possibility of hair growth, so it is primarily preferred by people with hair loss.

Mesotherapy used cases;
– Male type hair loss,
– Sudden hair loss after pregnancy and postpartum,
– Woman who diffuse (general) spills seen
– Skin diseases such as psoriasis, lichen, seborrhoeic dermatitis,

What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?
– Can be applied locally to the desired area.
-The target is effective at high level because the drug is given directly to the tissue and the effect is rapid.
-It stops shaking and makes your hair brighter and more vibrant.
-If the effects of the earth are negligible,
– Implemented by the doctor,
-It’s low cost,

Mesotherapy sessions
Hair mesotherapy sessions are usually scheduled once a week.

In general, it is enough to apply mesotherapy for 10 sessions in dense pouring. After the hair loss is stopped, the doctor can recommend it every 2-3 months, depending on the recommendation.