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Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant and why we need that?
The most important element in people’s appearance is the hair. One of the first personal characteristics of each individual is the hair feature. The image of the person who changes the hair can change completely.

Whether hair is rare or not at all affects people’s self-confidence and physically creates very psychological problems. Although hair loss does not physically affect human health in any way, being depicted in bald words causes people to have problems in social life and in themselves.

Psychological dimension of hair loss
Hair loss primarily causes aesthetic worry, psychological problems and lack of self-confidence. People who are disturbed by the looks of other people in society and women or men who think that they are being made to have a hair transplant, which is a salvage treatment method.

Baldness is no longer a solution and a life-long problem that must be experienced. Their confidence in themselves is rebuilding after they have seen results. In this respect, they are able to establish more successful relationships in social life and business life.

How to do hair transplant?
While it is obvious that the seedlings have an artificial appearance in the first years of planting and that the seeding is done from the outside, it is not certain that the most advanced methods used at this time are to prolong the natural appearance of the hair and to perform the hair planting process. After the end of transplant, there is no risk of hair falling over again for life.

Plantation process essentially as dense hairs and genetic loss of hair including the neck and the scalp on the ears 1,2 or 3,4 hair follicles containing hair units (hair grafts) on the transport process in areas of hair loss.

For hair transplanting, it is necessary that the hair in the area where hair follicles are healthy and its density is sufficient. Factors such as hair color, degree of hardness of the hair, wavy or flat hair influence the result of the attempt.

Hair transplant operation is a surgical operation and should be taken seriously in this sense. Careful attention should be paid to unethical and illegal practices of non-specialists.

Hair transplant methods

FUE Method
The hair of the hair to be added includes two or more single hair follicles from the nape region between the two ears, and the hair follicle (graft) is taken in the shape of the skin islets. This bristle grafting is done by means of a device called a micro-motor. Diameter of 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm in diameter is inserted into the nails.

As the remaining gaps in the hair follicles are very small, they heal spontaneously and there is no need to suture. These hair follicles (grafts) are placed in the balding area with previously opened channels.

The most important difference from the other method is that there is no stitching allowance at the neck and the healing is faster.

First, the nape region is shaved. With local anesthesia, the area to be planted is numbed. The hair follicles in the back of the head are collected one by one and held in a special solution. Haircuts are opened with thin-tipped tools called slit. This will ensure that the orientation, frequency and appearance of your hair follicles are natural. The roots are placed in the opened hair ducts.

After the placement of the hair roots is completed, the back area of ​​the hair is dressed. All these processes take about 6-8 hours. After the transplant the patient has a care that will last for 10 days. Hair washing training is given.

How is hair examination and analysis done?
It is the systemic examination of the person who considers hair transplantation. The patient who considers hair plantation is first anomnosed, illnesses other health problems are investigated. Hair loss of the person, hair type (thin – thick) as hair coloring is examined.

The condition of the zone to be added and the zone to be taken are planned and planned according to the expectations of the person.

If you are evaluating hair transplant, you will first need to examine your hair and scalp hair.

Hair analysis and general examination are done in detail by specialist doctors.

The phases of analysis and inspection are as follows:
Firstly, you can look at the characteristics and frequency of your existing hair, then your hair is examined. Hair tension is an important criterion to be used during sowing.
-According to the results of the analysis and examination, your doctor tells you whether you are suitable for hair transplantation. If the plantation is not suitable, alternative methods are recommended.
– Information about the area where the plantation is to be done, the size of the planting area, the duration of the treatment and post-planting care.
-The hair analysis and examination phase is very important in order to be a healthy process after the hair-planting process.

Healing process in Fue method
The first 2 days are the period of recovery of where the new hairs planted and taken, and there is no need to do anything other than the recommended ones. On the 3rd day, you come to our policlinic for hair care and washing.

10. day, As a result of washing the areas where the new hairs planted and taken, it is expected that shells in the region will be poured. After 15 days, the healing of both areas is complete and there will be no traces after healing is complete.

After 3 weeks, 60-70% of the hair is shed. 8-12 weeks after planting made the hair starts to regrowth. 5-6 months later, all of the hair is longer, there is no difference of hair.

Benefits of PRP hair transplant

PRP (Platene Rich Plasma);
Your own blood is separated by a special process and applied to the hair with rich proteins and stem cells. The application of PRP is very effective in the growth period of the hair by holding the roots collected during the hair planting in this plasma and applying the hair with hair after sowing.

PRP helps 3 important areas in hair transplantation.

– The fact that the hair follicles of Alianen remain alive for a long time and are not damaged,
– Rapid and traceable improvement in the scarred areas,
– To stimulate thin and lifeless hair follicles in the area

With 9 main growth factors in the content of PRP, it ensures both the stability of the hair root in the outer environment and the formation of the new micro vasculature in the plantation where it is planted. In the short time with the growth hormone it provides the oxygen and nutrient intake of hair roots.

Also, since the PRP is derived from your own blood, there is no side effect. It does not cause an allergic reaction. You can make your hair transplantation PRP li. PRP hernia is an additional treatment that can be applied depending on the preference of the person for the above benefits.