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Lymph Drainage

The lymph drainage system is called the white blood circulation, which replenishes the body, that is, the body that carries nutrients to the cells and tissues that allow the edema to accumulate in our bodies.

Why should the lymph circulatory system be accelerated?
Do you want to swim in a swimming pool that is changed every day or is it changed every week? Of course we would like to swim in a swimming pool where water is changed every day. If we compare the body’s lymph system to this; the faster the body’s lymphatic system is, the less likely it is to be exposed to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body.

Lymph drainage;
– After illness edema disease in the body,
-The cellulites are gone,
-In the treatment of slimming,
– As a supporter, in the elimination of post-pregnancy heirs,
-The elimination of toxins that accumulate in the body as a supporter,
– It is widely used as a therapeutic and supportive.

Will lymph drainage be applied to each person?
– In patients with high blood pressure,
– Diabetes / diabetes patients,
– In patients with osteoclasis.
-Use in pregnancies is inconvenient.

Is lymph drainage applicable to all areas?
The need for lymph drainage is a form of treatment that already surrounds the whole body. So it is applied to the entire body. There is no drawback in the regional sense.

Number of sessions
The number of lymph drainage sessions varies from person to person. When treatment is performed as a support, the number of sessions is determined according to the actual treatment type. It is possible to obtain a result after an average of 10 – 15 session in cellulite treatments.

Session duration and session intervals
Lymph drainage sessions are about 20 – 25 min.The application is made at 2 – 3 day intervals depending on the person.