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Mesotherapy; is a medical practice that controls or treats painful diseases through locally applied microinjections in the body. Latin means “meso = middle” and “therapy = treatment” and means “middle skin treatment”.

Mesotherapy is a method that is applied by using very thin and short needle tips. Since mesotherapeutic drugs are less absorbed here, there is no systemic circulation drug consumption. The number of injections made depends on the patient, the disease and the anatomy of the area where the infection is to be made.

Which Treatments are Applied by Mesotherapy;
Cellulite, regional weight loss,
Hair loss and hair revitalization
Facial rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation,
Cracks, scars
Stain treatment,
In the traces of active acne and acne,
It is used in sun and age related skin problems.

As is known, BOTOX applications are regional applications for eyebrows, around eyes, foreheads and deepened mimic lines. Mesobotox’s differences from conventional botox applications; that it is applied superficially over the entire area at low doses. Since mesotoxin is not affected on deep muscles, it provides a reduction in superficial thinning without alteration in expression.
Mesobotox is applied to regulate skin sebum secretion, to provide antiaging effect on face area, decollete, neck and hands, to rejuvenate deep superficial layers and to eliminate widespread fine lines and wrinkles. Especially in oily and pumped skin, the skin has successfully taken its place among the treatment procedures used to reduce sebum secretion.

Mesotherapy sessions vary according to the skin treatment to be performed. In general, 3 – 10 sessions are applied. Session intervals should be minimum 7 days maximum 15 days. After application of mesotherapy and its derivatives, small bruises may occur due to redness or injection of the skin, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.