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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition and Diet
It is known that nutrition is associated with the maintenance of health and its continuity in every period of life. There is no one way for everyone to feed. For this reason, each person’s nutritional solution must be unique to him. Just as all of us have different fingerprints, metabolism and lifestyle are different.

Nutrition is a science. If you want to step into a healthy and quality life, if you want to live well, you should start your dietary lifestyle and nutrition program according to your body type. A lot of misinformation in the media about nutrition that misleads us affects our health, our quality of life and our productivity negatively. So, in order to get the best guidance on nutrition, you should definitely be in touch with “Nutrition and Diet Expert”.

What is diet?
Is not deprived of favorite foods. The important thing is not you, but diet is right for you. The diet is to consume all the nutrients in the amounts you will be eligible. As the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics we are helping you consume all the food you want to prepare a healthy nutrition program. What is important to you is not what you eat, but when and how much you eat.

Diet should not be associated with weight loss only, as many of you know. You should also increase your quality of life while providing your supervision with “healthy nutrition programs” prepared by the Nutrition and Diet Expert.