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Ozone Therapy

Ozone, which is very important for our world, also has a very important place in the medical world. Medical ozone gas used in therapy is produced pure oxygen and given to the body as a mixture of 5% Ozone + 95%. In 1902, the first ozone treatment was applied.

Medical Ozone treatment is not only used for patients and diseases. It has Bacteria and Fungicidal properties of Medical ozone, It prevents virus multiplication, Increases blood oxygen carrying capacity, Peripheral tissue oxygenates, Analgesic and Detoxification effect.


Blood circulation to all cells and tissues increases,

The oxygenation of tissues and cells increases markedly,

The deeper skin replaces itself with increased blood circulation,

It provides a clean and smooth skin appearance,

The immune system is strengthened, along with the immune system, which is the activity;

Resistance to seasonal and allergic diseases increases,

A relentless war against bacteria, fungi and viruses begins,

Lactic acid is oxidized by the effect of ozone, muscle loosens, softens, joints and joint pain and muscular discomfort is marked improvement,

In the body, hormone and enzyme production return to normal,

The amount of oxygen that goes into the brain increases, strengthens the memory,

Anxiety helps reduce depression and related tensions,

By giving birth to Adrenalin in the body, it gives a general calmness, increases the quality of sleep,

It prevents the development of cancer cells that do not like the oxygen environment, activates the immune system and improves the effectiveness of the applied therapy.


In Circulatory Disorders;

Circulatory disorders that develop in diabetic patients, tissue damage (macular degeneration and kidney damage etc.) due to this disease,

In people with widespread cellulitis, in the regulation of tissue circulation,

In smoking-induced circulatory disorders,

In the regulation of circulation arising from fibromyalgia,

In Unwell Healing Wounds;

In the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and ulcers,

Traumatic Scars,

Long-term sleep-related injuries,


Sexual Function Deficiencies;

Depression / Emotion in cases of sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction, such as dysgraphia,

In anti-aging applications;

Skin rejuvenation and renewal alone, Healthy Aging, Skin tension,

Anti-aging with PRP or STEM Cells and Hair loss treatment,

In Cellulite and losing weight..

In Skin Diseases;

Ekzema (contact, photoconductor, allergic, etc.)


In Skin fungus,

Liken Planus,

Hailey-Hailey Disease,

In Infection Diseases;

Viral Hepatitis,

Herpes and Papilloma Virus infections in the mouth and genital area,

In the presence of Helicobacter pylori,

In those who have frequent viral infections,

In autoimmune diseases;

Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus Behçet Disease, such as the immune system is overactive in diseases,

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, etc. in diseases where the Immune System needs to be balanced,

Cancer Treatment;

In order to increase the effectiveness of the applied chemotherapy or radiotherapy and to regulate circulation

By providing oxygen environment, to prevent tumor growth

Due to its effect as a natural pain reliever, it is applied as treatment support in the pain that occurs.