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PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair PRP, which is one of the newest methods of preventing hair loss, strengthens weak hair tresses. With PRP, one of the revolutionary treatment methods in medicine, the skin layer heals, wounds and marks disappear, hair loss is reduced and hair becomes stronger.

The basic method used in PRP is to dissect one’s own blood and re-inject it into hair follicles. In this way the hair texture of the person is renewed and the hair reaches its structure and appearance before it starts to shed.

Phases of application;
– 8 cc samples are taken from the blood of the person.
-Alienan is divided into white blood and red blood by centrifugation of the sample.
– Blood that contains white blood cells, platelets and blood clotting cells is subjected to a special treatment to be injected into the hair.
– The blood that is ready to be processed is injected into the hair of the hair by a special method called “napaj”.
The purpose of the PRP method is to regenerate hair cells. Each session takes about 30 minutes and the number of sessions can vary depending on the hair and tissue of the person.
– Repeating the transaction once a year or after 3 months of sessions or once a month is enough to get the best results.
– In addition to sputum, the PRP method is recommended as a supportive treatment after hair transplant operation.

After PRP
After the PRP procedure, there is no situation that would interfere with daily activities of the person. Although there is slight burning and flushing during the process, there is no scar on the hair after treatment and there is no pain. After the session, the patients continue their normal lives.