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Radiofrequency technology allows localized fat resistant to dieting and excretion to be broken down by heat and removed from the body through the lymph channels.

Radiowaves activate the water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in the body. Depending on their activation, the energy is turned on and the area warms up. The purpose here is to increase the temperature of the region being treated (treated region) by 41-43 degrees (normal body temperature is 36-37 degrees). When the skin temperature reaches this point, the temperature in the subcutaneous area reaches 50-55 degrees. This heat does not cause any damage or damage to the body. Increases intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heating the skin. The result is that it accelerates the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymph drainage, and allows downsizing and the reduction of fat cells.

Which is used in the treatment

In connection with the positive effects obtained; reduction of signs of slowing in vascular lymph circulation, improvement in drainage, acceleration of fat metabolism, increased muscle tightness. If we summing;

– Regional fat splitting,
– Cellulite treatment,
– Systematic lymph drainage and removal of toxins,
It is used successfully in treatments such as skin tipping.

Radiofrequency waves warm up the surface of the tissues and give them a tight and velvety appearance while at the same time populating the cellulitis zone and providing the burning and drainage of the oil by strengthening the thermal effect.

The radiofrequency waves increase the production of collagen in the skin and the skin becomes tight.

Significant improvements have been observed in the legs and in the arms.

In the face region of the radiofrequency is intended to induce the effect of skin lifting by stimulating the intended collagen. Radiofrequency facial lifting, skin rejuvenation and thin lines have an effect observed from the first session.

Surgery is a fine alternative, providing full protection on the surface of the skin, deeply and superficially warming the skin. It provides effective recovery of aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles caused by the loss of collagen fibers and the slowing of fibroplast activity.

Is the radiofrequency applied to each person?
-Parkinson, MS, epilepsy, cancer-skin cancer and so on. patients,
-In pregnancy
– People who uses heart battery
– Radiofrequency can not be applied to people with large metal prosthesis in the body.

Radiofrequency treatment duration
Treatment varies from person to person and the intended treatment area, with an average success of 8-10 sessions.

Session duration and session interval
The mean duration of radiofrequency sessions was 15-30 minutes for face, 20-40 minutes for umbilicals and bases, and 45-60 minutes for legs and hips. .