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Venus Freeze

Radio waves activate the water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in the body. Depending on their activation, the energy is released and the region warms up.

The goal is to increase the temperature of the area being treated (treated region) by 41-43 degrees (normally the body temperature is 36-37 degrees). When the skin temperature reaches this point, the temperature in the subcutaneous area corresponds to 50-55 degrees. This heat does not cause any damage or damage to the body.

Venus Freeze (MP) ² is a revolutionary technology for skin tightening and body shaping. It is a patented technology combining Magnetic pulse + Radio Frequency. The combination of these two energies increases the intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heating the skin. The result is that it accelerates the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage, and allows fat cells to shrink and diminish

Venus Freeze supports natural skin regeneration without damaging the skin. Patients complete the treatment process without feeling any pain or discomfort during the application. Venus Freeze therapy is safe because it does not require cooling glands or sprays. Treatment is 4 times faster; so that more meaningful and better clinical results are obtained.

Treatment Time is 15-30 minutes for the smallest areas (example: face) 60 minutes for legs and hips, 30-50 minutes for belly and bases.

It is not a problem for any skin type. For this reason, treatment can be continued even in conditions that bring tanning in summer.

The treatment interval, the shortest treatment interval is 5 days, the longest treatment interval is 10 days. It is decided according to the condition of the person. Total sessions average 8-10 seans.

In which cases it does not apply;
-Parkinson, MS, epilepsy, cancer-skin cancer, pregnancy, people who uses hearth battery and those with large metal prosthesis in the body can not be applied.
-Since the temperature is felt during application. Everyday life is not affected.